Ecology & Evolution Seminar Series






Welcome to the Ecology & Evolution Seminar Series page!

This seminar series aims to provide a platform for researchers in the fields of evolution and ecology from across the UK to showcase their work here at Silwood Park.


Seminars are usually held in the Centre for Population Biology (CPB) common room, Silwood Park campus, Thursdays at 13.00. When the CPB is occupied for teaching, seminars are held in Fisher/Haldane Lecture room, Hamilton building (first half of Autumn Term).

Meeting a speaker

If you would like to meet with the seminar speaker, please contact the host listed below.

Inviting a speaker

If you have a speaker you would like to invite to give a seminar, please see the timetable below for available slots.

Once you have a speaker provisionally interested in giving a talk, email with contact information and the preferred slot. We will double-check availability and provide further details to the speaker. Accommodation can also be arranged if required. Hosts are in charge of organising the day for their invited speaker (greetings, meetings, dinner, etc...).

Please be aware the timetable is not updated daily.

speaker expenses / budget

There is a yearly budget to cover all invited speaker expenses. This averages out at approx. £150 per speaker, and includes all travel, accommodation and entertainment. There is some flexibility as not all speakers require the full per-speaker allocation. Nonetheless please bear this budget in mind when considering invitations.

Panopto recordings

Most presentations will be recorded using Panopto (Imperial login required). You can find all of the recorded talks in the Silwood Ecology & Evolution Seminar Series folder, here. Note that not all talks are recorded, for various reasons.


The current organisers are Aliénor Lavergne and Reuben NowellPlease email with any queries.


Schedules for upcoming terms are given below. Blank slots are free. Asterisks denotes special seminar outwith the usual slot (**).

Autumn Term 2018/19:

18th October Fisher/Haldane, Hamilton Alex Badyaev University of Arizona (USA) Arkhat Abzhanov Ecology and evolutionary biology Islands in a sea of possibilities: On reconciling stability and innovation in evolution
25th October Fisher/Haldane, Hamilton Domingos Cardoso Universidade Federal da Bahia (Salvador, Brazil) Jon Lloyd Plant ecology The relevance of taxonomy to Amazon plant diversity estimates 
1st November Fisher/Haldane, Hamilton Angelica Gonzalez Rutgers University (New Jersey, US)  Rebecca Kordas Structure and function of ecological systems  Food web structure and dynamics across space and time
8th November Fisher/Haldane, Hamilton Matthias Forkel TU Wien (Austria) Colin Prentice Modelling of land surface-vegetation interactions Earth Observation and Data Science to better Understand and Model Ecosystems under Global Change
15th November Fisher/Haldane, Hamilton Tom Churcher Imperial College London (UK) Lauren Cator  Malaria modelling Predicting the public health benefit of vector control interventions against malaria and evaluating them in the field 
22nd November Fisher/Haldane, Hamilton Alison Wright University of Sheffield (UK) Matteo Fumagalli Sexual conflict and genomics Routes to the resolution of sexual conflict
29th November Fisher/Haldane, Hamilton Keith Farnsworth Queen's University Belfast  (UK) Samraat Pawar Biological theory A Deeper Understanding of Biodiversity: What it is, with implications for how we should quantify and value it
6th December CPB Luke Eberhard-Philips Max Planck Institute for Ornithology (Germany) Julia Schroeder Behaviour and demography Breeding system evolution in light of demographic sex biases
13th December CPB Frank Jiggins  University of Cambridge (UK) Tim Barraclough Evolution and genetics of hosts and parasites Parallel evolution of resistance to myxomatosis in European and Australian rabbits


SPring TERM 2018/19:

17th January CPB Richard Sibly University of Reading (UK) Samraat Pawar Population ecology TBA 
24th January CPB Kayla King University of Oxford (UK) Tim Barraclough Host-parasite interactions TBA
31st January CPB         TBA
7th February  CPB Diego Barneche University of Sydney (Australia) Samraat Pawar Biological theory TBA
14th February CPB Thomas Lewinsohn UNICAMP (Brazil) Cris Banks-Leite TBA  TBA 
21st February CPB          
28th February CPB Alex Pigot University College London (UK) Samraat Pawar Understanding patterns in the distribution and diversity of life TBA
7th March CPB Daniel Barrios-O'Neill University of Exeter  Samraat Pawar TBA  TBA
14th March CPB          
21st March CPB Chris Jiggins University of Cambridge (UK) Tim Barraclough Adaptation and speciation  TBA 


summer TERM 2018/19:

2nd May CPB Barbara Tschirren  University of Exeter (UK) Julia Schroeder TBA TBA
9th May CPB          
16th May CPB          
23rd May CPB          
30th May CPB          
6th June CPB          
13th June CPB          
20th June CPB          
27th June CPB