Ecology & Evolution Seminar Series





Welcome to the Ecology & Evolution Seminar Series page!

This seminar series aims to provide a platform for researchers in the fields of evolution and ecology from across the UK to showcase their work here at Silwood Park.


Seminars are usually held in the Centre for Population Biology (CPB) common room, Silwood Park campus, Thursdays at 13.00. When the CPB is occupied for teaching, seminars are held in Fisher/Haldane Lecture room, Hamilton building (first half of Autumn Term).

Meeting a speaker

If you would like to meet with the seminar speaker, please contact the host listed below.

Inviting a speaker

If you have a speaker you would like to invite to give a seminar, please see the timetable below for available slots.

Once you have a speaker provisionally interested in giving a talk, email with contact information and the preferred slot. We will double-check availability and provide further details to the speaker. Accommodation can also be arranged if required. Hosts are in charge of organising the day for their invited speaker (greetings, meetings, dinner, etc...).

Please be aware the timetable is not updated daily.

Speaker expenses / budget

There is a yearly budget to cover all invited speaker expenses. The maximum amount that can be claimed when hosting seminar speakers is £200 per speaker, and includes travel expenses, one night accommodation and dinner for host and speaker. Please bear this budget in mind when considering invitations. We can offer one night accomodation in the Visitor Lodge in Silwood park campus for a reasonable price, depending upon availability. Travel should be booked using cheap, advance options in line with the College’s Expenses Policy (requires College login). Entertainment costs are detailed in the Expenses Policy. Normally speakers should be travelling from within the UK. Exceptionally we can include speakers from Europe if they can travel here within budget: in such cases, the host must notify the seminar organizers for departmental approval ahead of time. Hosts are, of course, welcome to use any alternative source of funding to cover expenses above the £200 limit if required.

Panopto recordings

Most presentations will be recorded using Panopto (Imperial login required). You can find all of the recorded talks in the Silwood Ecology & Evolution Seminar Series folder, here. Note that not all talks are recorded, for various reasons.

Previous seminars

The schedules for previous terms (including links to Panopto recordings) can be found here.


The current organisers are Aliénor Lavergneand Reuben NowellPlease email with any queries.


Schedules for upcoming terms are given below. Blank slots are free.


25th April ** CPB Tali Magory Cohen Tel Aviv University (Israel) Vincent Savolainen
A global avian invader on the move: a case study of the Common Myna (Acridotheres tristis)
3rd May CPB Dustin Marshall Monash University (Australia) Samraat Pawar Why do organisms grow?
4th June Fisher/Haldane Robert Trivers Chapman University (USA)
Austin Burt On honour killing

**EMBO Fellowship interview.



2nd May CPB Barbara Tschirren University of Exeter (UK) Julia Schroeder
The Evolution of Silver Spoon Effect
9th May CPB Michalis Barkoulas Imperial College London (UK) Chris Wilson C. elegans as a tractable host to study natural infections by oomycetes
16th May CPB John Donohue University of Limerick (Ireland) Samraat Pawar Density dependence in stage-structured populations
23rd May CPB Emma Cavan Imperial College London (UK) Samraat Pawar The circle of [marine biogeochemistry +] life
30th May CPB [free]      
6th June Fisher/Haldane
Benjamin Kraemer IGB Leibniz (Germany) Samraat Pawar Lake Colour in a Warming World
13th June CPB Kayla King University of Oxford (UK) Tim Barraclough Killers and protectors: rapid microbial evolution across the mutualist-parasite continuum
20th June CPB Melissah Rowe NHM & University of Oslo (Norway) Julia Schroeder  Molecular diversification of the seminal fluid proteome in Passer sparrows
27th June CPB Thomas Thorne University of Reading (UK) Matteo Fumagalli Systems biology for single cell RNA-Seq data



5th December CPB Josh Firth University of Oxford (UK) Julia Schroeder

Note: Autum timetable still to be confirmed.