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25th April ** CPB Tali Magory Cohen Tel Aviv University (Israel) Vincent Savolainen
A global avian invader on the move: a case study of the Common Myna (Acridotheres tristis)
3rd May CPB Dustin Marshall Monash University (Australia) Samraat Pawar Why do organisms grow?
4th June Fisher/Haldane Robert Trivers Chapman University (USA)
Austin Burt On honour killing

**EMBO Fellowship interview.



2nd May CPB Barbara Tschirren University of Exeter (UK) Julia Schroeder
The Evolution of Silver Spoon Effect
9th May CPB Michalis Barkoulas Imperial College London (UK) Chris Wilson C. elegans as a tractable host to study natural infections by oomycetes
16th May CPB John Donohue University of Limerick (Ireland) Samraat Pawar Density dependence in stage-structured populations
23rd May CPB Emma Cavan Imperial College London (UK) Samraat Pawar The circle of [marine biogeochemistry +] life
30th May CPB [free]      
6th June Fisher/Haldane
Benjamin Kraemer IGB Leibniz (Germany) Samraat Pawar Lake Colour in a Warming World
13th June CPB Kayla King University of Oxford (UK) Tim Barraclough Killers and protectors: rapid microbial evolution across the mutualist-parasite continuum
20th June CPB Melissah Rowe NHM & University of Oslo (Norway) Julia Schroeder  Molecular diversification of the seminal fluid proteome in Passer sparrows
27th June CPB Thomas Thorne University of Reading (UK) Matteo Fumagalli Systems biology for single cell RNA-Seq data



WINTER TERM 2018/19:

31st January CPB Jordan Casey University of Perpignan (France) Emma Ransome Reconstructing hyperdiverse food webs: fish gut content metabarcoding as a tool to disentangle trophic interactions on coral reefs.
7th February  CPB Diego Barneche University of Exeter (UK) Samraat Pawar Integrating ecology across scales of biological organisation
14th February CPB Thomas Lewinsohn UNICAMP (Brazil) Cris Banks-Leite Community ecology reappraised: crises and new developments
21st February CPB Peter Graystock Imperial College London (UK)  Rich Gill The microbial ecology of bees, and engineering protective microbiomes
28th February CPB Alex Pigot University College London (UK) Samraat Pawar Coexistence, community assembly and the n-dimensional hypervolume
7th March CPB Charles Mullon Université de Lausanne (Switzerland) Vincent Savolainen Correlational selection and the shape of polymorphism
14th March CPB Richard Sibly University of Reading (UK) Samraat Pawar

How birds got their colours

21st March CPB Chris Jiggins University of Cambridge (UK) Tim Barraclough Hibridisation as a constructive process in evolution
28th March Haldane Lecture room
Siobhán O'Brien University of Liverpool (UK) Tim Barraclough Microbial social interactions in the real world: From the lab to the field and back again



Autumn Term 2018/19:

18th October Fisher/Haldane, Hamilton Alex Badyaev University of Arizona (USA) Arkhat Abzhanov Ecology and evolutionary biology Islands in a sea of possibilities: On reconciling stability and innovation in evolution
25th October Fisher/Haldane, Hamilton Domingos Cardoso Universidade Federal da Bahia (Salvador, Brazil) Jon Lloyd Plant ecology The relevance of taxonomy to Amazon plant diversity estimates 
1st November Fisher/Haldane, Hamilton Angelica Gonzalez Rutgers University (New Jersey, US)  Rebecca Kordas Structure and function of ecological systems  Food web structure and dynamics across space and time
8th November Fisher/Haldane, Hamilton Matthias Forkel TU Wien (Austria) Colin Prentice Modelling of land surface-vegetation interactions Earth Observation and Data Science to better Understand and Model Ecosystems under Global Change
15th November Fisher/Haldane, Hamilton Tom Churcher Imperial College London (UK) Lauren Cator  Malaria modelling Predicting the public health benefit of vector control interventions against malaria and evaluating them in the field 
22nd November Fisher/Haldane, Hamilton Alison Wright University of Sheffield (UK) Matteo Fumagalli Sexual conflict and genomics Routes to the resolution of sexual conflict
29th November Fisher/Haldane, Hamilton Keith Farnsworth Queen's University Belfast  (UK) Samraat Pawar Biological theory A Deeper Understanding of Biodiversity: What it is, with implications for how we should quantify and value it
6th December CPB Luke Eberhard-Philips Max Planck Institute for Ornithology (Germany) Julia Schroeder Behaviour and demography Breeding system evolution in light of demographic sex biases
13th December CPB Frank Jiggins  University of Cambridge (UK) Tim Barraclough Evolution and genetics of hosts and parasites Parallel evolution of resistance to myxomatosis in European and Australian rabbits





Summer term 2017-2018:

3 May Mathias Disney UCL Rob Ewers Environmental Monitoring and Modelling Lasers in the jungle: new 3D measurements of forest structure and function [no video]
10 May Katie Field University of Leeds Martin Bidartondo Plant-fungal symbioses Unity in diversity: functional insights into the ancient partnerships between plants and fungi [no video]
17 May Rebecca Kilner University of Cambridge  Julia Schroeder Behaviour and evolution How behaviour influences evolution: experiments with burying beetles [no video]
24 May Dan Stowell QMUL Cristina Banks-Leite  Machine listening How far can machine listening help with acoustic bird surveying? [video]
31 May Blake Morton University of Hull  Vincent Savolainen Behavioural ecology & comparative psychology Personality uniquely contributes to social relationships and group networks in monkeys [no video]
** 2 June Rob Fletcher University of Florida (USA)  Rob Ewers Behaviour and evolution An invasive prey and an endangered predator: novel interactions full of surprises [no video]
7 June Martin Sullivan  University of Leeds Lan Qie Environmental monitoring Monitoring tropical forests (and birds) in a changing world [video]
14 June Aida Andres UCL Matteo Fumagalli Adaptation and genomics  Local adaptation in humans and other primates [video]
 21 June Simon Smart Centre for Ecology & Hydrology Petra Guy Environmental changes & ecology Predicting changes in the diversity of functionally important plants in response to extreme weather: how far can we go with statistical Species Niche Models? [no video]
**31 July Kartik Shankar Indian Institute of Science Samraat Pawar Ecology and evolutionary biology Drivers of diversification of herpetofauna in the Western Ghats Escarpment
** 2 August Matthew Betts Oregon States University (USA) Rob Ewers Behaviour and evolution Forest biodiversity: how can it be conserved, and why should we bother anyway?

 ** Denotes Special Seminar

DateSpeakerInstitutionTitle (link to Panopto)
17 Oct, 2016 Nele Schuwirth EAWAG, Visiting ICL Mechanistic modelling of macroinvertebrate communities in streams
20 Oct, 2016 Rob Thomas Cardiff Animal behaviour in changing environments: behavioural responses of migratory birds to climate change
27 Oct, 2016 Robert Trivers Rutgers University, USA Recent advances in human evolutionary genetics
 3 Nov, 2016 Gabriel Yvon-Durocher Univ. of Exeter Warming, adaptation & ecosystem functioning
10 Nov, 2016 Vincent Merckx Naturalis Biodiversity Center, Netherlands The tangled evolutionary history of plants and fungi
17 Nov, 2016 Andy Purvis ICL, NHM Land-use change, biodiversity loss and biotic homogenisation: the PREDICTS project
24 Nov, 2016  Nessa O'Connor Queens Univ. Belfast Blue solutions to global challenges: why we need experimental tests of environmental change on species interactions
8 Dec, 2016 Samuel Rund University of Edinburgh Scope and insights from publicly-available mosquito abundance data
12 Jan, 2017 Hanne Løvlie Linkoping Univ. Life of the fowl: sex, status and personality
19 Jan, 2017 Pete Smith University of Aberdeen Can we deliver nutrition security and climate change mitigation without wrecking the planet?
26 Jan, 2017 James Bullock NERC Centre for Ecology & Hydrology Population spread and the velocity of climate change
2 Feb, 2017 Nova Mieszkowska Marine Biological Assoc. Data densities, biogeographic challenges and mechanistic insights into climate impacts on marine ectotherms
9 Feb, 2017 Erik Gomez-Baggethun Norwegian Inst. Nature Research Ecosystem valuation: pragmatic conservation or commodification of nature?
16 Feb, 2017
Matteo Fumagalli ICL / Silwood The conquest of the Arctic: a genetic journey
23 Feb, 2017 Melody Clark British Antarctic Survey  Cool genomics
16 Mar, 2017  Morena Mills ICL / Silwood When conservation goes viral: The diffusion of innovative biodiversity conservation policies and practices
23 Mar, 2017
Alexandru Hening ICL / S.Ken Stochastic population growth in spatially heterogeneous environments
11 May, 2017 Martin Smith University of Durham The origins of Ecdysozoan body plans
18 May, 2017 Anjali Goswami UCL From Development to Deep Time: the macroevolutionaryconsequences of phenotypic integration
25 May, 2017 Mridul Thomas EAWAG How do we predict the future of phytoplankton?
1 June, 2017 Natalie Cooper NHM Macroevolution with fossil and living species: museums, mammals and morphology
15 June, 2017 Andy Foote Bangor Univ. The Genomic History of Killer Whale Ecotypes
 22 June, 2017 Beatriz Jorrin Univ. Oxford From population genomics to synthetic communities in the Rhizobium - Legume system