In an emergency, call Security on ext 42444.

 Community Safety and Supportfire and postal services are handled by Imperial College Security.                                   

A post box can be found on campus near the entrance grounds.  A free to use atm machine is available to use 24/7 and is located in the security office.

Silwood Park Security can be contacted by emailing  or calling ext 42515.

Please advise Security in advance if you are expecting visitors to Silwood Park. All visitors must sign in at the security office before coming onto campus.


Environment, Disposal and Recycling

TreeWaste disposal, including disposal of computers and electronic equipment, is handled through Imperial College Estates Facilities in conjunction with the Safety Officer. See the Silwood Health and Safety web pages for information on the proper handling and disposal of laboratory waste.

Recycling bins for domestic paper and cardboard and for cans are available opposite the Biology Stores building, and for glass behind the refectory. There are also bins in Hamilton and in the refectory building. Plastic bottles of types 1 and 2 can also be put into the can recycling bin.

Buildings maintenance

The buildings and infrastructure are maintained through Imperial College Estates Operations

The Building Manager for Silwood Park is Raymond Henry

Maintenance and faults should be reported through the Customer Service Centre.