Rui Tan - PhD student

RTRui Tan joined the group for PhD research in October 2017, under co-supervision of Dr Qilei Song and Prof. Nigel Brandon. Rui received his B.S. degree in Energy Materials and Devices in School of Metallurgy and Environment at Central South University (China), and just completed his MSc degree in Advanced Materials at Peking University, Shenzhen Graduate School. Through his MSc research, Rui has gained extensive research experiences in developing solid-state battery, including preparation of advanced electrolytes (solid polymer electrolytes, quasi-solid-state electrolytes, inorganic electrolytes), and design and synthesis of advanced electrode materials, sulfur or sulfur-based cathodes, lithiated transition-metal oxide and phosphate. He has published 14 papers including 5 first-author papers in leading journals. His PhD research will focus on developing functional materials for solid-state Na and Li-ion batteries and redox flow batteries.

Rui has gained extensive research experiences in developing solid-state battery including preparation of electrolytes and synthesis of novel cathode materials. He developed solid-state electrolytes with good ionic conductivity and electrochemical stability. He worked on design and synthesis of four kinds of solid-electrolytes, solid-polymer electrolytes (SPEs), inorganic electrolytes (Li7La3Zr2O12, Li1.3Al0.3Ti1.7(PO4)3, Li3PS4), hybrid electrolytes and single-ion conductors, and studied their ionic-conductivity, and voltage window, and electrochemical performance. He also developed cathode materials such as Li2FeSiO4, and hybrid sulfur based materials nano-FeS2@N-doped graphene, which showed good electronic and ionic conductivity. Rui is familiar with a wide range of techniques for characterisation of materials, including SEM, TEM, XPS, electrochemical techniques, etc, and in situ characterisation techniques to study the electrode-electrolyte interfaces and changes.