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AB - We present observations of significant dynamics within two UV auroral storms observedon Saturn using the Hubble Space Telescope in April/May 2013. Specifically, we discuss bursts of auroralemission observed at the poleward boundary of a solar wind-induced auroral storm, propagating at ∼330%rigid corotation from near ∼01 h LT toward ∼08 h LT. We suggest that these are indicative of ongoing, burstyreconnection of lobe flux in the magnetotail, providing strong evidence that Saturn’s auroral storms arecaused by large-scale flux closure. We also discuss the later evolution of a similar storm and show that theemission maps to the trailing region of an energetic neutral atom enhancement. We thus identify the auroralform with the upward field-aligned continuity currents flowing into the associated partial ring current.
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