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  • Conference paper
    Loganathan P, Lin XS, Khong AWH, Naylor PAet al., 2009,

    Frequency-domain Adaptive Multidelay Algorithm with Sparseness Control for Acoustic Echo Cancellation

  • Conference paper
    Thomas MRP, Gudnason J, Naylor PA, 2009,

    Data-driven voice soruce waveform modelling

    , Pages: 3965-3968-3965-3968
  • Conference paper
    Zhang W, Khong AWH, Naylor PA, 2009,

    Acoustic System Equalization using Channel Shortening Techniques for Speech Dereverberation

    , Pages: 1427-1431-1427-1431
  • Conference paper
    Sharma D, Naylor PA, 2009,

    Evaluation of Pitch Estimation in Noisy Speech for Application in Non-intrusive Speech Quality Assessment

  • Journal article
    Manmontri U, Naylor PA, 2008,

    A Class of Frobenius Norm-Based Algorithms Using Penalty Term and Natural Gradient for Blind Signal Separation

    , IEEE Trans. Audio, Speech, and Language Processing, Vol: 16, Pages: 1181-1193-1181-1193

    We consider the blind signal separation (BSS) problem of instantaneous mixtures using penalty term and natural gradient. A class of Frobenius norm-based algorithms consisting of the offline/block processing (BP), online processing (OP) algorithms, an.....

  • Conference paper
    Gaubitch ND, Habets E, Naylor PA, 2008,

    Multimicrophone speech dereverberation using spatiotemporal and spectral processing

    , Pages: 3222-3225-3222-3225

    Speech signals acquired in a reverberant room with microphones positioned at a distance from the talker are degraded in quality due to reverberation and measurement noise. Therefore, enhancement of reverberant speech is important in hands-free teleco.....

  • Conference paper
    Naylor PA, Lin XS, Khong AWH, 2008,

    Near-common zeros in blind identification of SIMO acoustic systems

    , Workshop on Hands-Free Speech Communication and Microphone Arrays, Publisher: IEEE, Pages: 22-25
  • Conference paper
    Zhang W, Khong AWH, Naylor PA, 2008,


    , 42nd Asilomar Conference on Signals, Systems and Computers, Publisher: IEEE, Pages: 788-+, ISSN: 1058-6393
  • Conference paper
    Khong AWH, Lin X, Doroslovacki M, Naylor PAet al., 2008,

    Frequency domain selective tap adaptive algorithms for sparse system identification

    , Pages: 229-232-229-232

    We propose a new low complexity and fast converging frequency-domain adaptive algorithm for sparse system identification. This is achieved by exploiting the MMax and SP tap-selection criteria for complexity reduction and fast convergence respectively.....

  • Conference paper
    Zhang W, Gaubitch ND, Naylor PA, 2008,

    Computationally efficient equalization of room impulse responses robust to system estimation errors

    , Pages: 4025-4028-4025-4028

    Equalization techniques for room impulse responses (RIRs) are important in acoustic signal processing applications such as speech dereverberation. In practice, only approximate estimates of the RIRs are available and the inverse filters designed from.....

  • Conference paper
    Habets E, Gaubitch ND, Naylor PA, 2008,

    Temporal selective dereverberation of noisy speech using one microphone

    , Pages: 4577-4580-4577-4580

    Reverberant speech can be described as sounding distant with noticeable coloration and echo. These detrimental perceptual effects are caused by early and late reflections, respectively, and reduces the fidelity and intelligibility of speech. It is we.....

  • Conference paper
    Wen Y-CJ, Habets E, Naylor PA, 2008,

    Blind estimation of reverberation time based on the distribution of signal decay rates

    , Pages: 329-332-329-332

    The reverberation time is one of the most prominent acoustic characteristics of an enclosure. Its value can be used to predict speech intelligibility, and is used by speech enhancement techniques to suppress reverberation. The reverberation time is u.....

  • Conference paper
    Khong AWH, Lin X, Naylor PA, 2008,

    Algorithms for identifying clusters of near-common zeros in multichannel blind system identification and equalization

    , Pages: 389-392-389-392

    Blind system identification (BSI) and equalization algorithms have been applied to multichannel systems with high order such as found in acoustic impulse responses. Studies on the performance of such algorithms in the presence of near-common zeros ha.....

  • Conference paper
    Khong AWH, Gan W-S, Naylor PA, Brookes DMet al., 2008,

    A low complexity fast converging partial update adaptive algorithm employing variable step-size for acoustic echo cancellation

    , Pages: 237-240-237-240

    Partial update adaptive algorithms have been proposed as a means of reducing complexity for adaptive filtering. The MMax tap-selection is one of the most popular tap-selection algorithms. It is well known that the performance of such partial update a.....

  • Journal article
    X Lin MD, Naylor PA, 2008,

    Frequency Domain Adaptive Algorithm for Network Echo Cancellation in VoIP

    , EURASIP Journal on Audio, Speech, and Music Processing
  • Conference paper
    Thomas MRP, Naylor PA, 2008,

    The SIGMA Algorithm for Estimation of Reference-Quality Glottal Closure Instants from Electroglottograph Signals

  • Conference paper
    Sehr A, Wen Y-CJ, Kellermann W, Naylor PAet al., 2008,

    A Combined Approach for Estimating a Feature-Domain Reverberation Model in Non-diffuse Environments

  • Conference paper
    Loganathan P, Khong WHA, Naylor PA, 2008,

    A Sparseness Controlled Proportionate Algorithm for Acoustic Echo Cancellation

  • Conference paper
    Thomas MRP, Gudnason J, Naylor PA, 2008,

    Application of the DYPSA Algorithm to Segmented Time Scale Modification of Speech

  • Conference paper
    Gaubitch ND, Lin X, Naylor PA, 2008,

    Scale Factor Ambiguity Correction for Subband Blind Multichannel Identification

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