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AB - Beamforming techniques for hearing aid applications are often evaluated using behind-the-ear (BTE) devices. However, the growing number of wearable devices with microphones has made it possible to consider new geometries for microphone array beamforming. In this paper, we examine the effect of array location and geometry on the performance of binaural minimum power distortionless response (BMPDR) beamformers. In addition to the classical adaptive BMPDR, we evaluate the benefit of a recently-proposed method that estimates the sample covariance matrix using a compact model. Simulation results show that using a chest-mounted array reduces noise by an additional 1.3~dB compared to BTE hearing aids. The compact model method is found to yield higher predicted intelligibility than adaptive BMPDR beamforming, regardless of the array geometry.
AU - D'Olne,E
AU - Moore,A
AU - Naylor,P
PY - 2021///
TI - Model-based beamforming for wearable microphone arrays
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