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AB - In order to exploit the full dynamic range of communicationsand recording equipment, and to minimise the effects of noiseand interference, input gain to a recording device is typicallyset as high as possible. This often leads to the signal exceedingthe input limit of the equipment resulting in clipping. Com-munications devices typically rely on codecs such as GSM06.10to compress voice signals into lower bitrates. Althoughdetecting clipping in a hard-clipped speech signal is straight-forward due to the characteristic flattening of the peaks of thewaveform, this is not the case for speech that has subsequentlypassed through a codec. We describe a novel clipping detec-tion algorithm based on amplitude histogram analysis and leastsquares residuals which can estimate the clipped samples andthe original signal level in speech even after the clipped speechhas been perceptually coded.
AU - Eaton,J
AU - Naylor,PA
PY - 2014///
TI - Detection of clipping in coded speech signals
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