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AB - Intuitive spoken dialogues are a prerequisite for human-robot inter-action. In many practical situations, robots must be able to identifyand focus on sources of interest in the presence of interfering speak-ers. Techniques such as spatial filtering and blind source separa-tion are therefore often used, but rely on accurate knowledge of thesource location. In practice, sound emitted in enclosed environmentsis subject to reverberation and noise. Hence, sound source localiza-tion must be robust to both diffuse noise due to late reverberation, aswell as spurious detections due to early reflections. For improvedrobustness against reverberation, this paper proposes a novel ap-proach for sound source tracking that constructively exploits the spa-tial diversity of a microphone array installed in a moving robot. Inprevious work, we developed speaker localization approaches usingexpectation-maximization (EM) approaches and using Bayesian ap-proaches. In this paper we propose to combine the EM and Bayesianapproach in one framework for improved robustness against rever-beration and noise.
AU - Evers,C
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TI - Source tracking using moving microphone arrays for robot audition
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