Before starting ANY experimental work in the Spivey Group Labs certain health and safety training is required. Exactly what courses need to be completed depends to some extent on the prior experience of the individual and their College status. This is assessed using a Health & Safety Training Requirements matrix.

All researchers, prior to starting any experiments, must:

  1. Complete College 'Day-one Induction'. This involves completing the College Day-one Induction Form & discussing the associated notes with either Alan or a designated post-doc. The process for Day-one Induction and obtaining a swipe card is also shown on this Flowchart.
  2. Initiate their Faculty 'Laboratory Local Induction Record' . This involves starting to comple the FoNS Laboratory Local Induction Record Form with either Alan or a designated post-doc.
  3. Complete a Departmental General Risk Assessment Form.

Additionally, UG project students starting in the lab should check through the following summary to make sure they have completed all appropriate training. 

    Once forms 1 and 2 above (i.e. Day one induction and Faculty local induction record) have been completed and signed then they must be scanned and uploaded to the College's Sharepoint Safety Training Record:

    Ongoing Procedures

    For all experiments carried out in the Spivey Group Labs specific risk assessments are carried out by completing an Imperial College Chemistry COSHH Form.

    These are printed onto the reverse side of every page of the lab books we use.

    COSHH stands for Control of Substances Hazardous to Health, see:

    Risk Assessments & Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)

    ‌‌‌The following are a series of generic risk assesments and standard operating procedures (SOPs) for operations/procedures/equipment used on a routine basis in the Spivey Group Labs. Whenever a group member uses one of these bits of kit or carries out this type of operation for the first time they read these assessments and sign them as part of their ongoing lab training:

    Departmental Safety Notices