Bring a friend

Bring a friend for free to three Active Imperial sessions

Active Imperial members can bring a friend along to up to three sessions for free throughout the summer.

Exercising with friends has a great number of benefits for your physical and mental wellbeing:

Keep yourself motivated by exercising with a buddy

Being around people is good for our mental health and social networks – plus you can maximise the benefits of exercising by doing it with other people. You may find that the social benefits are just as important as the physical ones.

Encourage a friend to take a break from exam revision and coursework

Taking a break to do exercise can reduce anxiety and feelings of stress and instill a greater sense of calm and lift your mood.

Introduce a friend to something new

Trying out something new, travelling to new places, or being with people you don't know can be really daunting at first. But over time, you may find that taking up an activity helps to increase your self-confidence as you become fitter and improve your skills.

Read more  about how you can improve your wellbeing through physical activity and sport from the charity Mind (pdf).