Thursday 1 June

Key information

  • Date: Thursday 1 June
  • Time: 7pm - 10pm
  • Location: Copthorne Tara Hotel, Scarsdale Place, London, W8 5SY
  • Dress code: Black tie

Ticket information

This year we are introducing two ticket options:

  • Non-alcoholic dinner package - £35.00
  • Alcohol included dinner package - £45.00

Additional drinks can be purchased throughout the evening. All tickets much be purchased by Wednesday 17 May.

Outstanding Contribution - Have Your Say

You can vote for who you think should win the Outstanding Contribution Sports Award. The nominees are as follows:

Achal Srivastav - Cricket

To summarise, Achal has completely transformed Imperial College Union Cricket Club to one of the largest and fastest growing sports clubs at the university. When he took over as president, the club was in a diabolical financial situation, there was no documentation on club procedures and there were only 2 teams with no separate squads for each team. Now the club is the largest it has ever been, with 4 teams training in separate squads (3 men's and 1 women's), as well as a social club x1 team.

Angus Wyllie - Basketball

Angus has contributed massively to the basketball society as President this year in both time and financial commitments to ensure many things including our hall time being secured, our trip abroad to Paris, many social events including a curry night and summer basketball sessions as well as providing opportunities for bowling nights, beer pong nights were all available to the society. Angus also cultivated a partnership with the London Lions BBL team securing us free tickets all year! Angus ran the Instagram account with great success, secured professional photography for a M3 home game and M1 managed to win the LUSL league and W1 managed to win division 1 under his tenure. Angus has managed to maintain the normal operations of the club while also going above and beyond to ensure we could all excel with the clubs support.

Anirudhha Hazarika - Lawn Tennis

First year as W1 captain, from previously being a member of W1 and next year will be joint President. Played an important role in getting W1 promoted to South Premier last year, captained and was vital in W1 achieving 3rd in South Premier this year, and reaching the quarter finals of the National Championships, the teams best ever result. Ani was involved in Varsities against the Medics and LSE, playing a big role in our teams win over the Medics and allowed the club to secure performance team status for W1 for this year and next year and maintained great participation and attendance from W1 players to S&C sessions every week. Ani has actively led training sessions and made training plans for team Captains to follow, with inclusivity being at the heart of the sessions, so players from all teams could play together in a fun and competitive way. Always bringing a positive energy, support and morale for home matches and been involved in every aspect of the club.

Lucas Low - Archery

This year marked Lucas' 4th year as the club Captain, and 7th year involved in the committee. Lucas has managed the club through the Covid-19 pandemic, writing up the safety procedures based on both College and ArcheryGB guidelines. With Lucas at the helm, the club was able to handle the return from reduced capacity due to social distancing, to the nominal membership goal of 90 members. Lucas has led a couple of successful activities development fund applications, to upgrade the club target bosses to modern foam bosses, and to expand the clubs traditional bow inventory with asiatic horsebows, which are historically under-represented in the UK. While managing the annual budget each year, Lucas has worked primarily to bring accessibility to socials and competitions to all members through managing club subsidies, driving competitors to tournaments, and hosting weekly equipment sessions for members to learn about purchasing and maintaining their equipment. Club subsidies even continued during the confusion of the Imperial Athletes membership scheme in 2020/21 and 2021/22, due to especially cautious budget-management during Covid in 2019/20. This has contributed to the clubs ability to host monthly socials with consistent attendance rates of 20 people; the club sending full teams of senior and novice competitors to the regional league and a consistent club representation in BUCS of up to 12 archers. Finally, Lucas has been crucial in keeping the club running for the last couple of years. Without his expert knowledge in the sport and in club management, along with the time he dedicated to the club Imperial Archery would not have run its sessions so successfully this year.

Lucinda Douse - Rowing

Lucinda has been so integral to the running, culture and success of the boat club over her years at Imperial that it is hard to comprehend the full impact that she's had. Since her first year, she has thrown her life and soul into the club. She stepped up as a fresher taking on a committee role as Media Officer, something that no one else has done in club memory, and has continued to take a prominent role in the committee every year since (Media Officer 20, 21, 22, 23, Women's Captain 22, Club Captain 23). In her role as Media Officer, the club has seen a 20% increase in media interactions which eventually led to the club securing a kit sponsor. Despite taking on more senior roles in the committee, she was so successful as Media Officer that she has continued this role uncontested alongside her other positions every year since. During her time as Women's Captain in her 3rd year, she designed and executed an in-depth recruitment campaign which resulted in a 175% increase in women's membership within the club. The Women's squad were able to boat 2 full student VIIIs for the first time in recent memory, and qualified a student womens VIII for Henley Royal Regatta for the first time. She has spent countless hours working with the committee and other Captains to set up and organise international races for the club which without her influence most likely would not have happened. This year in particular as Club Captain, she spent three months unable to row due to an injury and yet was still giving her all to the club and facilitating the success of those still competing. Her continued work during this time contributed to the outstanding results at BUCS this year, namely the first Women's champ Gold since 2014 and first medal in the champ 4- since before then, a boat which Lucinda herself rowed in. Overall, her tireless efforts and unwavering commitment have had an immeasurable impact on the club. She has gone so far beyond what could be expected of a single student, and the committee, coaches and management honestly dont know how the club will function let alone thrive without her.

Maria Filippova - Dodgeball

Maria is the current President of ICL Dodgeball this year - first female President having already successfully been the Club Secretary in the previous year. Maria has worked tirelessly this year to develop the Women's programme in the club, she organised and delivered women's only sessions to encourage new participants to the sport, and this saw the club achieve the Imperial Athletes Female Participation Badge, one of the first clubs to do so. Following on from this, Maria, also involved the club in the cross-College Imperial Girls Can campaign, further increasing the female participation in the club and growing the women's team. But Maria's efforts do not stop there, shes also aided in the provision of performance-level training sessions through IA, progressing towards achieving the High Performance Badge as well as achieving the Beginner Friendly badge under her leadership. Finally, Maria is also a talented Dodgeball player herself, and has recently been selected for the under 23s England Developmental Squad, which is a testament to all her hard work over the past year!

Martha McCutheon - Women's Rugby

This season has been a very successful one for Women's Rugby and Martha has been integral to this success. As Club Captain this year, Martha has worked tirelessly week in, week out to keep the club running and achieving. The team has had an undefeated season and won promotion to BUCS South Eastern Tier 1 as well as winning the City Varsity for the third successive year. These successes would not have been possible without the work of Martha behind the scenes; running multiple taster sessions in the year to boost recruitment, rearranging matches countless times and chasing club members for availability among many other things. Off the pitch, Martha has overseen the set up of an alumni network as well as establishing links with the Hammersmith and Fulham foodbank. She also arranged for the club to watch Six Nations matches at Twickenham for the first time and has continually worked to move the club forward. Martha has shown incredible commitment to the team for three years now and is a friendly and approachable face at all club events. She has gone above and beyond for the club and the team would not be the same without her.