Move Imperial App

Now available on iOS and google play

The Move Imperial App is an online platform that rewards you for doing physical activity. It's completely free, all you need to do is become a Move Imperial member, download the app from iOS or google play and sign up.

The app enables you to earn rewards for being active, participate in weekly and monthly challenges where you can win prizes, set your own fitness goals and book classes. Our app will also allow you to link to many of the popular fitness tracking devices and apps on the market so you can record your workouts and track your performance. 

The platform was created purely to help motivate Imperial staff and students to stay active during their busy schedules and we have an array of rewards you can redeem from College outlets. 

How to sign up

  1. Go to the online Move Imperial App installation and user guide or download the pdf here.
  2. Follow the steps to download the app on iOS or google play and create your profile. Make sure you have your Move Imperial number ready when it asks for your check-in barcode. You cannot register your account without this. 
  3. Sync with your heart rate monitor or wearable device if you have one. Your points will update automatically.
  4. Record your workouts!
  5. Take part in challenges and collect your rewards!


    How do I retrieve my Move Imperial membership number? 

    To create your account you must use your Move Imperial membership number when it asks for your check-in barcode.  All members will either have received this in an email from Move Imperial or in your joining email. If you cant find this then please log a request through ASK.

    Does it cost money?

    No, it is completely free! The platform was created purely to help motivate the Imperial community to stay active during their busy schedules

    What fitness trackers can I connect to the Move Imperial App? 

    You can connect several free apps on your phone or a wearable fitness tracker. A list of compatible devices can be found on the Move Imperial app homepage.

    What rewards are available? 

    We have an array of rewards you can redeem from Imperial merchandise, food and drink from the college catering outlets and other vouchers to use in various retailers.

    How is my location data used? 

    Your location information is only shared when the app is active and when you have either activated an alert or ‘checked in’. You can manage your location and notifications in the app settings.