Taking Shape

Taking Shape: your body, your project.

I have lost over 20kg since being on the weight management program. For me it's about a long term journey and the team has supported me all the way. I would have never been able to go to some of the harder classes before I started working with the ALT but now I can on any challenges."

Mike Mussard

ICT Department

Whatever your objectives, take steps towards getting the body you want with this 6 week one to one personalised training programme from the Active Lifestyles Team.

If you are looking to lose weight, build strength, improve fitness or find out more about eating a varied and balanced diet that's tailored to you, this programme is ideal.

Taking Shape is an 6 week intensive programme where you will receive one to one nutrition, health and fitness assessments, monitoring and daily group training sessions throughout the programme. You will also get access to Ethos gym and swim. 

Depending on your target, we will tailor your programme around building strength, improving fitness and increase postural control which will support the development of a healthier body and mind. These small group sessions means the Active Lifestyles Team can tailor your needs and provide the best advise and support.

Sign up today!

Taking Shape 2020 will start on Monday 10 February. For more information or to register your interest, please contact Gary Mcdermont (G.mcdermont@imperial.ac.uk).

2020 Prices 
(Deposit of £70.00 required for all memberships)

IC Student: £150.00

IC Staff:  £250.00

External member: £499.00

How does the programme work?

Once you have signed up to the programme you will be past onto a member of  the active lifestyles team so that an initial meeting can be booked. During your initial health assessment and 1-2-1 we shall discuss your goals and provide advice within your initial testing evaluation pack. Your session plan will depend on your goals and will be tailored to every individual. 

Whats new?

This year we are changing the programme so that all sessions can be tailored specifically to each individual. Each member will be teamed up with one of our Active Lifestyle Instructors so that they can recieve 2-3, one to one personal training sessions per week. The trainer will work with each member throughout the full six week programme to ensure the knowledge that is learn throughout the programme will become not a temporary fix, but a lifestyle change! 

The six weeks will include progressive training, dietary adaptations & multiple consultations. Throughout the course we will be updating you with need to know relevant information on improving your wellbeing including nutrition, recovery, home habits and life hacks to ensure long term success.