Increasing senior leader’s readiness for the next level

Transitioning into a leadership role at any level is stressful. Taking on a new leadership role without any preparation is even more difficult. In POD, we recognise this challenge, so we are here to provide you with the support to be successful.
Whether you are looking for help with the skills needed for your senior leadership development role or are in a moment of leadership transition, we will provide support from 360-degree feedback and other psychometric assessments.


  • A well-defined picture of what success looks like – short-and long-term goals and clear expectations on what needs to be achieved.
  • Knowledge of their strengths and areas of development so they can focus their development efforts – one of our organisational development consultants in POD can provide you with a high-quality assessment to help you understand and guide your development. This will ensure you receive development opportunities that meet your needs to avoid wasting time.
  • An understanding of how your behaviours affect your performance and others -leaders can get this understanding through focused feedback using the college’s values, embedded 360 tools and accessing our executive coaching offer, which shows behavioural impact and helps with what you need to improve.