What is 360° feedback?

360° feedback is an all-round view of your workplace behaviours - what you are seen to do and how you do it, as seen by other people who know you well.

What is the purpose of 360° feedback?

The purpose of 360° feedback is for you to enhance awareness of your strengths and potential developmental opportunities by learning how others perceive you.
These insights can help guide and accelerate your learning and development and increase your effectiveness as a leader and colleague.
A 360 also provides an opportunity for you to compare your perceptions of your capabilities and demonstrated behaviours with the viewpoints of others.

What are the benefits of 360° feedback?

  • To enable growth and learning
  • Offers clarity on your strengths and development needs
  • Forms an important piece of development planning
  • Focuses on performance at a behavioural level

How is the 360° feedback used?

The 360-degree feedback is used strictly as a development tool to enhance leadership and people management skills.
It is not used as a performance management tool but should aid discussions related to your development.
It is behaviourally focused and completely separate from the performance management process. It is used as part of a wider leadership development process and mainly by those who are or about to transition into a leadership role.

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