As a manager, you play a key part in role-modelling behaviours and practices to eliminate discrimination and support a culture of inclusion where everyone can thrive and contribute regardless of their background, experience, position, or status. Creating an inclusive environment has a positive impact on productivity and wellbeing.

Key areas

  • Role model behaviour and practices to eliminate discrimination
  • Understand your role in creating a culture of inclusion where everyone can thrive and contribute regardless of their background
  • Recognise that Equality of opportunity is essential to achieving excellence
  • Understanding how unconscious bias operates in the workplace.
  • Feel confident about managing claims of harassment, bullying, or victimisation
  • Understand the law and how to eliminate harassment best
  • Learn what organisational support mechanisms are available
  • Consider the ideal work environment for all in your department.
  • Know where to find College resources


Embody EDI principles in the employee life cycle, starting from recruiting, planning and conducting induction and probation; conducting 1:2:1s, PRDPs, giving recognition, and supporting development. Everyone is different, and their experience is unique. Engage in a conversation to understand your staff's strengths and how they can contribute to the team.

  • Articulate visible commitment to equality, diversity, and inclusion
  • Be modest about capabilities, admit to mistakes and create an environment for others to contribute
  • Develop awareness of own blind spots, flows in the system, and biases
  • Be curious about others, listen, seek to understand with empathy
  • Be sensitive to other cultures and adapt
  • Redistribute work with input from the team
  • Enable collaboration between others by empowering them, seeking diverse opinions and thinking; create a psychologically safe environment.

"When it comes to something as multi-layered as diversity, none of us is an expert. We can always be doing something more." Jennifer Brown, How to be an inclusive leader