Information and Booking

Trainer: Chrissie Wright
Cost: Internal, no charge. Please check our cancellation fees before booking
Duration: 3 hours
Format: Online
06 June (13:00-16:00) - Fully booked

Booking: Go to ‘My Training’ and search using the keyword: “Minute”Should you have any further questions, please contact us

Who should attend

This session is for all staff. It is suitable for anyone who has to take minutes at formal or informal meetings, whether a complete beginner or someone who already has some experience.


This task is not generally relished for all those responsible for taking the minutes of their meetings. Minute takers often feel anxious about it or find it, at the very least, a chore they are not looking forward to.

This course stresses the importance of the minute taker's role and offers practical tips on making the task more manageable before, during and after the meeting. This interactive session will include pre-course preparation, trainer input, small and large group discussion, personal exercises, practice, reflection and action planning.

By the end of the course, participants will:

  • Understand the legal and practical purpose of minutes.
  • Know what information has to be recorded in minutes and be able to listen to what is relevant and essential during the meeting.
  • Be confident using a framework to simplify note-taking during meetings and writing up the minutes afterwards.
  • Have discussed and shared practical tips to make the minute taker's job easier.

Accessibility: Please indicate any requirements you may have in the "Special Instructions" box on ICIS.