Information and Booking

Trainer: Swagelok
Cost: Internal - No charge. Please check our cancellation fees before booking.
Duration: 1 day (08:45 to 17:00)
Format: In person
21 May - Fully booked

Pre-course materials (Videos)Booking via Training Centre

Who should attend

This specialised course is for staff and postgraduate students undertaking research who need to learn the correct use of pressure fittings.
Participants will gain information and practical competence in correct installation practice, ensuring safe, leak-free fluid installation reinforced by an introduction to theoretical concepts.

Pre-course work

Participants should view the training videos before attending the course.

Essential Information

This is a comprehensive course and contains safety-critical information. Admittance to the course cannot be guaranteed to those arriving after the start time.
Pre-course materials (videos) are available on the right-hand side of this web page.

Key Areas

  • Correct tube selection and handling (based on environmental and pressure considerations)
  • Good tube handling practices (including cutting, de-burring and compensating for other variables)
  • Correct and safe installation of tube fittings and incorrect practice identification
  • Installation and re-tightening procedures (including pre-swaging, gaugeability)
  • Tube system installation (including correct support, placement and monitoring procedures)
  • Tube fitting mechanics (including safety directives on intermix and interchange)
  • Thread type discussion and threaded fitting installation practices