Mentoring potentially benefits both mentor and mentee and therefore the College.

1. A mentoring conversation is a particular type of conversation: it is happening for a purpose and there is an intended benefit. The framework below can be helpful in loosely shaping such a conversation. It provides movement towards learning and action.

framework infographic

2. The 5C model of mentoring reminds mentors of the focus of mentoring and helps shape appropriate conversations

framework infographic

3. In addition the mentoring relationship and conversations are underpinned by good communication skills by both parties. Those skills are an ever changing balance between:

  • Saying – giving information
  • Listening and accurately extracting meaning
  • Asking – for clarification or exploration
  • Summarising and consolidating

At the end of each mentoring session it can be useful to reflect on the balance of communication in the session and whether it was as effective as it could be. This four stage model can help you focus such a conversation.

 scales and statements