Mentoring potentially benefits both mentor and mentee and therefore the College.

Occasionally mentees have issues or concerns that are outside the role and expertise of the mentor. In these circumstances it can be useful for the mentor to know about some of the services and resources available within College so they can ensure the mentee is aware of them.

Advice and Counselling for staff

  • All College staff and members of their family living with them can get free, confidential professional, help from Confidential Care, the College's new Employee Assistance Provider, 24 hours per day, by telephone or via the web.
  • Confidential Care's help line and web pages can provide information and advice on a wide range of work/ life issues including financial and legal problems, consumer and citizen rights, and finding child and elder care.
  • You can also speak or arrange to meet with a qualified counsellor to talk through personal problems in complete confidence. Couples counselling is available for staff with relationship problems.

Occupational Health Service

The College Occupational Health Service provides services to protect health at work, assess and advise on fitness for work and to ensure that health issues are effectively managed.
Tel: +(0) 44 207 594 9401

Harassment Support Contacts

Confidential support is available for staff affected by bullying or harassment in the workplace through Imperial’s Harassment Support Contacts. The network of Harassment Support Contacts are trained volunteers who can help members of staff by acting as a listening board and exploring the options available to them through formal and informal College procedures. Harassment Support Contacts keep all discussions confidential.

Workplace stress

Tools, resources and support available on the Occupational Health website.

Learning and development opportunities available to staff