Please have a look at the guidance for mentees. If you would like to receive mentoring then please complete the contact form (button on the right hand side of this page). Requests will be kept confidential and the more information you can provide, the better we will be able to assist you in finding a suitable mentor.

Once you have made a request for mentoring you will be offered a choice of potential mentors based on your preferences; this process is called matching. The pool of mentors will be searched for individuals with experience or expertise relevant to your request who have capacity to take on a mentee. In general you will be matched with mentors who work in a different division to you. If you would specifically like to speak to someone who has knowledge of your division then please indicate this on your form.

You will be sent the profiles of a few available mentors who match your requirements. Once you have made a choice about who you would like to mentor you, we will put you in touch with each other.

You will be contacted 6 months from the start of the mentoring relationship in order for you to be able to feed back about how you are finding the sessions and the scheme.

Whether you have a specific situation that you would like guidance on, or would like a longer term association with a mentor, the length of the relationship is up to you. If you feel that you have a reached a point where you no longer require mentoring then please let the mentoring coordinator know. This will enable the services of that mentor to be made available to other members of staff.