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Session overview

Part of being a successful academic is the ability to connect with audiences, be they students, conference delegates or research board panels. This masterclass supports academics who feel that their style, credibility or confidence could be improved in one or more of these areas. The focus will be on developing vocal skills and power, increasing assertiveness and demonstrating confidence through body language. The workshop delivery will include active facilitation and interactive scenarios in the academic context. The course leader is a professional actor from Central School of Speech and Drama who will use actor-training techniques and personalised feedback to build competence and confidence.

Key areas

  • Understand the secrets of presence & power through pitch, pace, pause and vocal technique.
  • Increase awareness of individual impact & communication style.
  • Incorporate performance techniques to increase resonance of presentation style.
  • Experiment with presentation styles and measure the impact.
  • Use persuasive rhetorical elements for driving home a strong message.
  • Explore a range of actor training techniques to bring content to life.
  • Develop a tool-kit of storytelling skills to motivate and inspire any audience.
  • Discover how to frame your message and weave a narrative that resonates.
  • Receive feedback with individual action points.

Who should attend?

This session is designed for academics who have completed compulsory teaching modules.