Information and Booking

Trainer: Louise Shepherd
Cost: Internal no charge.
External not available
Duration: 2 sessions of 3 hours

23 and 24 March - am - Online - Fully booked
12 and 19 May - am - Online - Fully booked

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In the workplace, getting things done often relies on how well we work with others. This online workshop explores what components are needed to build effective working relationships, regardless of your physical location. The workshop gives you a chance to focus on creating solutions, as well as chance to practice some of the skills.

Key Areas

By the end of the training you will:

  • Have discussed what makes for clear, assertive and positive communications
  • Have assessed your own current communication preference and considered the impact of that on yourself and others
  • Have discussed which style and which media to use to focus on getting to positive, shared solutions and problem-solving
  • Learned what clear, confident communication looks and sounds like
  • Practised the skills of assertive and effective communication and having conversations that seek to maintain good relationships and are solution-focused

Further Information

This programme will be delivered via an online classroom platform, with 2 x 3-hour session in small groups (10 max, to give adequate time for meaningful practical work). There will be some pre – and post-course work to be completed by the participants (usually a brief assessment and some reading and reflection). In this option, the practical work would involve participant chosen scenarios which they then plan and practice and get feedback on working in small groups.