Information and Booking

Trainer: John Dennis – External Consultant
Cost: Internal no charge.
External not available
Duration: 2 half days

12 May and 07 June - am - Online
16 June and 07 July - am - Online

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Who should attend

This programme is designed for any member of staff who would like to improve their ability to influence others in the workplace. This is a practical workshop which will  help you manage your relationships at work.

Key areas

  • Understand a range of influencing strategies and practice the interpersonal skills needed to use them
  • Prepare for situations requiring influencing skills
  • Use a range of strategies to secure effective outcomes

Further information

You will receive a Distance Learning Pack before you attend an online “Virtual Classroom” session. You will need to read/complete the pack before the Virtual Classroom – this should take you between an hour and an hour and a half. The Virtual Classroom will last about an hour and a half and will check your learning from the pack as well as providing opportunities to see and use influencing techniques. Some three weeks after the Virtual Classroom you will be invited to attend a follow-up online discussion. This will be an opportunity to meet up with your tutor and other learners to review your progress and problem-solve around any difficulties you have encountered in using influencing techniques.