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Trainer: Gill Martin
Cost: Internal no charge.
External not available
Duration: 2.5 hours

22 April - am - Online - Fully booked
16 June - am - Online

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Virtual meetings are now a part of our everyday lives. Whether you are new to running meetings or are new to running meetings online, this workshop will help you reflect on your role in making them as productive as possible. You will leave with some practical tools and tips to improve the effectiveness of meetings in the future.
In this session, we will be focussing on meetings with three or more people or parties, those which are scheduled rather than impromptu gatherings and those where contributions are expected (i.e. not one-way presentations)

Key Areas

  • The role of a facilitator in a virtual setting and how to balance managing the process and the people in a meeting to get the best outcomes
  • Meeting etiquette and behaviour that leads to productive conversations
  • Different types of meetings e.g. information sharing, ideas gathering, decision making and how to plan and prepare for each
  • Tools and techniques e.g. to generate ideas, to evaluate suggestions, to make decisions and take-away guidelines on how to use them