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Trainer: CIC
Cost: Internal no charge.
External not available
Duration: 75 minutes
Format: Online

24 June - 10:00 - 11:15

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The aim of this session is to understand the effects our work can have on our wellbeing to share best practice for resilience and self-care and to give you all an opportunity to ask any questions of our specialist clinician trainer.

Key areas

  • Pressure and stress; their effects on our mind, body and behaviour
  • Looking at the mental health effects of high pressure and stress
  • Understanding our reactions to difficult situations and periods of change and uncertainty
  • High-tech and high stress, setting boundaries to avoid burnout
  • Tools and tips for personal and professional wellbeing
  • An overview of support services available to you your colleagues

Further information

For this course, you can request to be added on our waiting list if a date is showing as "Fully Booked".