Time to take stock - Pause - Breathe

The fast pace of change has required all of us to adopt a new approach to leading and managing. The rapid move to working and managing in a time of crisis and uncertainty has forced us to revisit the way we communicate, operate and the role of trust in teams.

Some of us preparing to return to campus while others are adjusting to the possibility that they might not be back on campus until the end of the year. There are now new challenges and opportunities on the horizon. Each person will be at a different stage and a leader/manager has to recognise the diversity of needs and emotional reactions in the team and respond to these. 

Here are some steps that may help people through these transitions:

  • Name and acknowledge feelings of anxiety and loss: feeling anxious is a normal reaction 
  • Take small steps 
  • Pause and reflect on the changes that have occurred over these last months: possible gains as well as the losses 
  • What have we learnt? What has been working better? What new opportunities have arisen? How can we turn our extraordinary experience into growth and new learning? 

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