Effective leadership and management are vital to the success of Imperial. Its leaders and managers need to inspire, empower and facilitate excellent performance.

Imperial expects its managers to:

  • Communicate regularly and effectively within, and across, teams
  • Encourage inclusive participation and eliminate discrimination
  • Consider the thoughts and expectations of others
  • Support and develop staff to optimise talent
  • Champion a positive approach to change and opportunity
  • Deliver positive outcomes
  • Work in a planned and managed way

Managers and supervisors are encouraged and expected to develop key skills, knowledge and behaviours to ensure they can deliver high impact, quality work in a way that fosters creativity, teamwork and collective achievement while also recognising and developing individual contribution.

There is a wealth of leadership and management development opportunity available in Imperial. Here is an overview to help you clarify what is available, find and make use of those most relevant and helpful to you as a leader and manager.

Development available and intended audience
Imperial Staff Grades (1 to 7 for Professional, A to E for Academics) 1/A 2/A3/B 4/C 5/D 6/E 7/E
Calibre Disability Leadership Programme    √  √  √  √  √  √
IMPACT for BAME employees    √  √  √  √  √  √
Talent Development        √  √  √  
Coaching  √  √  √  √  √  √  √
Senior Academic Leadership Programme            √  √
Academic Women's Programme        √  √  √  
Imperial Leadership and Management Development Programme (ILMPD)    √  √  √   √  √  √
Staff grades are provided for indication purpose only
development options for leaders

Opportunities broadly fall into:

  • generic, competency-based approaches, and
  • development opportunities related to a specific role, attribute or perceived potential

The generic, competence-based strand known as the Imperial Leadership and Management Development Programme provides a solid basis and is available to all managers at all times. The specific development opportunities allow for targeted development for specific roles, grades or staff and their availability may vary over time depending on need and funding. Participation may depend on a degree of selection.
Individual pathways will move from one to the other – taking in generic leadership and management competencies mixed with role-specific ones as required. The diagram above illustrates the existing provision and how it maps across roles and grades.
For general information about leadership and management development opportunities contact Fiona Richmond in the Learning and Development Centre or visit our Leadership and Management pages.