PA & Administrator Buddy Scheme

What has been said...

"The Network is an excellent example of how those with similar interests can unite to provide a sustainable framework that underpins a range of communication and development provision. In effect the events they organise provide a component of continuing professional development (CPD) and I encourage participation in the programme that they have developed."

Steve Rathborn, Head of Learning and Development Centre

What has been said by group members...

"I have really enjoyed being part of the group"

"It’s great to be able to meet others who have felt just as isolated, and develop a common bond through experience!"

"The meeting yesterday was so constructive and effective. Thank you. I am looking forward to the next"

The PA & Administrator Network offers development, support and networking opportunities for all staff who perform a PA or administrative function as part of their role. Job titles may vary from Executive Assistant (EA), Personal Assistant (PA) to Office Manager or Administrator, amongst others! These staff members all perform vital roles within college, and yet can experience isolation within their local work environment. The networking group aims to rectify this by providing the opportunity to access tailored development opportunities and share experiences with likeminded colleagues.

The initiative was jointly developed by the LDC and a group of PAs with the aim of disseminating good practice, increasing collaborative relationships and maximising the developmental opportunities that are available at Imperial. The group has been particularly successful in reducing the sense of isolation and forging links between colleagues doing similar roles.

Things we’ve done...

We’ve held forums covering topics such as Assertiveness, Action Learning Sets, Myers Briggs assessments, coaching and shadowing opportunities. We’ve arranged a variety of presentations from various Directors across College, as well as external guest speakers such as a previous PA of the Year (who gave a very inspirational talk), and a member of the AUA (Assoc. of University Administrators).

PA & Administrator Buddy Scheme

The PA & Administrator Network Buddy Scheme is a voluntary and informal scheme, available for all staff who are new to PA and Administrative type roles. It offers a point of contact, a ‘friendly face’ for New Starters, and creates links with staff that share similar responsibilities. The Buddy Scheme web page provides further details and options to request a Buddy, or to become a Buddy for new staff.

How to find out more and get involved

If you would like to find out more or join the group, please contact the or any of our volunteer committee members:

PAAN & Imperial Expectations

Join the PAAN Committee

Whether you are new to Imperial or have worked at the College for some time, you will be aware of how Imperial Expectations are increasingly featured as a way of measuring our performance and enhancing our development.
By joining the PAAN Committee and supporting its work you will be able to demonstrate how you are putting Imperial Expectations into action, above and beyond your normal working day, as well as having opportunities to further develop skills and attributes you may not be fully utilising in your “day job”.
And, if you are keen to further develop your career as a manager or supervisor, joining the PAAN Committee will specifically give you the chance to:

  • Communicate regularly and effectively within and across teams, fostering collaboration and honing your communication skills in a different situation and to other audiences
  • Deliver positive outcomes, enhancing the working environment of colleagues across the College
  • Encourage inclusive participation, encouraging involvement in activities that directly support equality and diversity across departments, Faculties and campuses.
  • Support and develop staff to optimise talent, engaging with support staff colleagues to make the best use of their abilities

All the above have been identified as key to good leadership and management at Imperial.

We have opportunities throughout the year for you to become involved as a Committee member, so join us to put those organisational and creative skills into practice in an environment in which you can expand on your expertise or explore new development opportunities.
We look forward to hearing from you.
PAAN Committee