It is a College requirement that all staff involved in staff recruitment and selection receive appropriate training. This policy is part of the College’s HR Strategy and has been introduced to ensure we recruit the best staff possible.


Recruitment and Selection course

The benefits of attending recruitment and selection workshops

Recruiting new staff is costly both in terms of time, efforts and money spent on the process.  Getting it right, to ensure the right and diverse people are selected to faculties, departments and divisions to give the best outcomes for the future, and to promote the organisation as a great place to work, is the key business matter for those who recruit. 

If recruitment and selection is not done properly, the person’s probation is not confirmed, or they may leave voluntarily. In both instances, this is likely to lead to team disruption and extra cost in selecting, inducting and training someone new. On the other hand, if principles of good practice in recruitment & selection are not applied and we don’t comply with legal requirements, it can result in serious issues for the organisation. 
It is estimated that the difference in value between a good member of staff and an average member of staff is between 40% and 70% of the salary (Schmidt et al (1980)). Employing the best person for the job will ensure that the team, department, faculty, division and the College benefit in performance terms.

Issues related to diversity and inclusion are also an essential part of recruitment, therefore recruiting managers must ensure that the process and strategies are inclusive and reach candidates regardless of gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, disability or socioeconomic background. To ensure objectivity, consistency, inclusivity and fairness in the recruitment and selection processes, and to increase the diversity of your talent pool we have created a blended learning approach to support you through the process.