men shaking hands Difference and conflict at work can be positive - stimulating healthy debate, innovation and strong relationships. Sometimes conflict becomes negative leading to hostility, non-cooperation, loss of productivity and a stressful, potentially toxic, atmosphere.
The sooner destructive conflict can be resolved, the better for the individuals directly involved and for those colleagues and team members who witness it or end up drawn into the conflict.
Whether you are embroiled in a conflict yourself, or responsible for others and can see conflict escalating into a destructive spiral there are a number of sources of support available to you.


men and cubes Sometimes destructive conflict involves more than two individuals. Groups and teams can find themselves engaged in hostility, distorted communications, in and out groups, collective bullying and failure to realise their collective and individual potential.
All the negative aspects of individual conflict are in play but with the addition of complex group dynamics played out publically. If you are managing such a situation there are some additional resources available to you within the LDC. See tabs on the left hand side of this page.