Training options

There are a number of training courses currently available designed to equip you with tools and skills to manage destructive conflict better.

Conflict coaching

Conflict coaching provides one to one sessions with an experienced coach from within Imperial to help you prepare for and handle conflict within the workplace.

Coaching is a confidential conversation geared towards you taking action and learning from it.
If you are interested in conflict coaching contact either:

More information about coaching is available from the Coaching at Imperial web page.

Explore mediation options

Mediation is a confidential process where a neutral, non-judgemental third party brings the parties in conflict together in a safe environment to facilitate open and honest dialogue as a first step to helping the parties find mutually agreed solutions.
This approach operates outside of any formal dispute or grievance procedure and is entered into voluntarily by both parties. It is best attempted before the situation escalates into a formal dispute.

Exploring mediation options usually starts with informal discussions with HR advisors or one of the accredited mediators within the College.
Accredited mediators all have the industry standard National Certificate in Workplace Mediation and participate in regular quality assurance activities.

Contact either your local HR advisor or Fiona Richmond, Organisational Development Consultant in the Learning and Development Centre

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