Team mediation

Team mediation uses the principles of a neutral third party bringing together people in a safe environment to facilitate open and honest dialogue as a precursor to helping the parties find mutually agreed solutions.
It allows all team members to express their views and describe the impact the conflict has on them before working to restore positive working relationships and reach realistic and shared solutions/agreements.

Team mediation is facilitated by accredited mediators who all have the industry standard National Certificate in Workplace Mediation and participate in regular quality assurance activities.
Contact either your local HR advisor or Fiona Richmond, Organisational Development Consultant in the Learning and Development Centre

Team re-building

Conflict within teams can leave people distrustful and bruised and the team underperforming. Team rebuilding activities enable team members to acknowledge the past and then leave it behind, focus on the future and start to regain trust and respect for each other.
They are bespoke: designed to meet the needs, circumstances and preferences of specific teams.


For further information or discussion contact: Fiona Richmond