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Information and Booking

Trainer: Beth Stallwood
Cost: Internal, no charge. Please check our cancellation fees before booking.
Duration: 1.5 hours (10:00-11:30)
Format: Online
02 November
28 February
08 May

Booking Imperial Staff


The Career Moves toolkit supports staff to think and reflect on their career. At Imperial, we have identified six career moves that staff tend to take: Ladder, Grid, Voyage, Rooted, Expedition, and Boomerang.

The booklet on the right-hand side of this page details each of the above career moves and highlights different factors that play a part in career development. This guide invites staff to think about their career holistically, considering all the various factors that help build a career.

In addition to the booklet, we offer workshops to staff and managers to guide the Career Moves framework. If you are interested in hosting a Career Moves manager session in your area, please email us.
For upcoming staff sessions, please refer to the information below.

Staff sessions

These sessions provide an overview of the Career Moves framework. Staff will receive the 'Career Moves' booklet at the session, which identifies six different career moves you might want to explore. The session will also provide guidance on finding additional career resources and support and offers the opportunity to think about your career.

Career Moves Online Toolkit

If you have attended a Career Moves staff session, the next step is to explore our Career Moves Toolkit. There you will find practical tools that will support some of the thinking and ideas you've had following the Career Moves session. The toolkit includes some helpful guides and templates that relate to some of the concepts you will have heard in the workshop – we hope you find them useful for now or for any stage of your career!