Technicians are entitled to attend any of the suite of programmes run by the Learning and Development Centre. These are divided into three core themes: Imperial Professional Development (IPD), Safety and Imperial Leadership and Management Development Programme (ILMDP). We also offer an internal Training the Trainer course for Technical Staff.

Imperial Professional Development (IPD)

The Imperial Professional Development provision offers support for staff to develop the key skills, knowledge and attitudes expected for effective performance across all roles within the College, and to integrate continuous learning and development as a vital component of working life at Imperial.


Technical staff can attend a variety of safety training courses, which are provided by the College and are mostly free of charge. Our internal provision covers First Aid, Laboratory Safety and Occupational Health and Safety, among many other areas – please follow this link to find the full list of safety courses.

Imperial Leadership and Management Development Programme (ILMDP)

The Imperial Leadership and Management Development Programme supports and develops Imperial leaders and managers from their initial steps into management through to senior roles. The intent is to create a cohort of managers that others want to work with and who are focused on both results and people.

Training the Trainer for Technical Staff

This course is designed to support the development of skills and confidence to deliver training, and contribute to the sharing of knowledge within the College's technical community.
If a group of eight or more people want one of our existing programmes tailored or wish to discuss the possibility of designing a new programme, please contact for more details.