Coaching is a 1-1 process that helps individuals think through their options in relation to a range of situations they may be facing in the workplace. It is confidential and voluntary, involving up to 4 meetings over a period of 4-6 months, organised independently through the Imperial Coaching Academy.

A coach and coachee will come from different parts of the College and will have no prior knowledge of each other. The coach will help the coachee address specific work-related challenges around people or projects, or issues relating to career development; unlike mentors, coaches will not have technical expertise or contextual knowledge of their coachee’s role or area of College.

Coaches are drawn from across the College and have undertaken an initial 6-days training programme, and have ongoing CPD and supervision.
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Mentoring, like coaching, is a development activity available to all staff. Both are supportive and non-judgmental and rely on a set of similar inter-personal skills. However, a mentor is likely to have a similar technical background and degree of expertise specifically in the area in which the mentee wishes to develop and is more of a role model who offers a greater degree of advice. The relationship between a mentor and a mentee may last up to a year, or maybe longer; during the meetings, the focus is on the whole person, particularly in relation to career progression and enhancement.
The College is currently working on setting up a technician mentoring scheme. To express an interest in becoming a mentor, please e-mail Lindsay Comalie at

Internal Work Shadowing

Internal Work Shadowing is an excellent opportunity to develop your existing skills, learn better practice, share ideas, discover how you can progress in your career and connect with the wider Imperial community. Work shadowing is beneficial to both host and ‘shadower’. We encourage people to initiate their own internal work shadowing. Please see our tips and advice on how to find a good match for you.


Our capacity to provide technical training is limited and so we have corporate membership of Higher Education and Technicians Education and Development (HEaTED), which allows any technician from Imperial access to the website and, through that, to their training provision. We are eligible for the lower, membership, rates for training and this should normally be paid by the department of anyone attending.

RSC Approved Training

The Royal Society of Chemistry has an approved training course database. All the courses have been peer-reviewed against a set of criteria, to ensure that they can support the professional development of those who attend. As Imperial is a RSC-accredited organisation, you will receive at least 10% discount on booking approved courses. The database includes courses in the classroom, in the lab, or online, and there's something for every stage of your professional development. Search by subject area, location, duration, event type, and skill level to find the course that's right for you.