The POD team is dedicated to taking your development seriously.

From individual development to internal consultancy and transformational organisational change, our experienced POD team is here to support what you might need as a team member, people manager or Leader of multiple teams.

How we develop as individuals, teams and as a University is fundamental to a successful future.

Our POD Mission

To facilitate impactful development support and activity that Imperial colleagues highly regard—delivering impactful consultancy and learning to deliver Imperial’s vision effectively.

The POD team is responsible for the following:

  • Supplying a multi-faceted development programme built on the needs of the organisation.
  • Leading and supporting Imperial-wide culture initiatives and projects that help to create a positive working environment and experience for all colleagues. 
  • Equipping Imperial faculties, departments, teams and individuals with the support, skills and confidence to work at their best and work effectively together. 
  • Supporting our Managers and Leaders to lead their teams inclusively, underpinned by our Values and Behaviours. 
  • Enabling Imperial to respond and change effectively in line with our strategic plan.