GOAL​ - Setting goals for the learning project in general or this particular coaching session.

  • What exactly do you want to achieve? By when?​
  • If your goal is long-term, can you set some sub-goals along the way?​
  • How much of this is within your own control?

REALITY - Checking and raising awareness of the situation right now

  • What have you done to move towards this goal?​
  • What constraints are there within our outside yourself that stop you?​
  • How might you overcome them?​
  • What’s really stopping you? ​

OPTIONS - Finding alternative strategies and solutions 

  • What could you do to move towards this goal?​
  • What else?​
  • If resources were not a factor what could you do?​
  • What would happen if you did nothing?​
  • Is there anybody you admire who does this really well? What do they do which you could try?​

WILL - Testing your commitment to your goal/making realistic plans to reach it.​

  • Which option will you choose?​
  • What obstacles might you meet? How will you overcome them?​
  • Who else needs to help and support you in your plan?​
  • When specifically will you take the first step in your plan?​


  • What are you holding tight to that may not be serving you well right now?​
  • How might reaching out for support serve you better?​
  • How could you seek support in productive rather than burdensome ways?​
  • As a leader or team member, how will you reach out to support others on your team?​
  • How can you collaborate to advance shared learning through the challenges you face?

Expanding networks

  • How might a different perspective help guide you in making difficult decisions?​
  • What relationships are important for your growth?​
  •  How can you give these more attention?​
  • How do you reciprocate?​