Information and Booking

Trainer: Ruth Webster
Cost: Internal, no charge.
External not available
Duration: 2 sessions of 3 hours or 1 day (See details below)

14 & 21 November (09:30-12:30) - Online
24 November (09:30-16:30) - SK
11 & 17 January (09:30-12:30)- Online
02 & 10 May (09:30-12:30)- Online

Booking Imperial Staff Start online module

Getting things done often relies on how well we work with others in the workplace. Effective Communication Skills will support you in doing that.

Our online workshop explores the components needed to build effective working relationships, regardless of your physical location. The workshop allows you to focus on creating solutions and practice some of the skills.

We have suggested some reading and online resources to further embed and grow your learning around this subject.

Online module

This online module, together with the follow-up online training session, will help you to explore some of the key underpinning ideas and principles as well as a range of techniques that will be useful.