POD is committed to providing structured talent and leadership development support for our academic colleagues to equip them to thrive and grow professionally in an academic environment.

The detail of this offer is currently being developed and will be live from October 2021.

Should you have any questions in the meantime, please get in touch Melanie Lee m.lee@imperial.ac.uk  or Nichola Stallwood n.stallwood@imperial.ac.uk

Targeted development programmes

Targeted development programmes

for specific groups or levels of staff aligned to the strategic people priorities of the different faculties and the College.

Previous and current programmes include Academic Women’s Programme, Academic and Senior Academic Leadership Programmes (early – mid-career and senior academics), Collaborative Research Leadership.

Academic Masterclasses

To equip people with the specialist skills required to operate effectively in an academic environment. Topics such as:

Bespoke Academic Development

related to specific Faculty objectives.

Examples include; HoDs Induction, coaching and bespoke development solutions eg. Let’s Talk About Race