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For details about this course, dates, times, and bookings, please visit the Change and Operational Improvement training page, or use the booking button below.

Book a place on one or both sessions.

The Change and Operational Improvement team offer two half-day training sessions on the foundations of Operational Improvement.

These courses are standalone, so you can book onto either. However, we highly recommend booking both as they complement each other.

Each 3-hour session comprises theory and application so you can put into practice what you are learning.

The tools and techniques we introduce are practical and can be used in projects/initiatives and small improvement pieces with your teams or individually.

Sessions Available:

Sessions available

Part I – foundations

What you will learn

  • What Operational Improvement is, who the team is and how we support the College.
  • The five principles of Operational Improvement.
  • Introduction to process mapping and Improvement, exploring how you can identify value and eliminate waste.

What you will gain

  • An understanding of why Operational Improvement is important and worth doing.
  • Tools for identifying operational and service improvements in your role.
  • Recognising non-value-added activities in a process and how to eliminate them.

Part II – problem-solving

What you will learn

  • Team-based problem-solving using DMAIC, a structured framework for problem-solving. DMAIC takes you through a step-by-step process in which you define, measure, analyse, improve, and control.

What you will gain

  • Understanding and application of a structured approach for problem-solving.
  • Application of a number of specific tools and techniques, including - problem and outcome statements, analysis tools, ideas generation techniques, prioritisation matrix