HOW TO BE A LEADER - Motivational Speech By Simon Sinek

HOW TO BE A LEADER - Motivational Speech By Simon Sinek
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Effective management and leadership are vital to the success of Imperial. As a people manager, you are encouraged to develop your leadership skills to inspire and empower those you manage to perform at their best.
We expect managers to develop their leadership skills and act as positive role models, demonstrating our values in their behaviours of Respect, Collaboration, Excellence, Integrity, Innovation.
Effective leaders create the right conditions and set
high standards for their teams to deliver high-impact, quality work in a way that fosters creativity, teamwork, and collective achievement and wellbeing.
Why should others follow you? What makes you a good leader? What are your strengths? How do you add value?
Here you can access leadership skills development opportunities tailored to aspiring, middle, and senior-level roles at the College.
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