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Trainer: Senior People and Organisational Development Consultants - POD Team
Cost: Internal, no charge. External, not available
Duration: 90 minutes
Format: Online

24 January
20 March
17 May
06 July

Booking - for managers via ICIS


This session will outline the theory and identify the tools to support the development of your self-awareness at work. The session identifies the benefits of sustained self-awareness practice at work, the challenges to maintaining this practice and the tools to overcome these challenges. The session provides information and referral to other sources to set you on the path to enhanced self-awareness. The session is suitable for professional service staff and academics as the first point of entry to the concept of self-awareness at work.


  • To provide a theoretical basis and working definition of Self- Awareness at Work.
  • To identify the link between Self-Awareness, Emotional Intelligence and their benefits and challenges.
  • To identify the links between Self-Awareness and Institutional stresses and outline steps for self-management.
  • To identify the tools and methodology which enable the development of Self-Awareness at work.
  • To provide links/information to further sources to build Self-Awareness at work.