We have created this section for people managers working across the College in all job families. Management Fundamentals provides guidance and support on people management practices relating to the employee life cycle. As a people manager, you are also encouraged to develop your leadership skills to inspire and empower those you manage to perform at their best.


As a manager, you need to ensure that:

  • Staff members are clear about what is expected of them
  • Staff members are adequately trained for the work that they do
  • Staff members are not exposed to physical or psychological stress
  • Staff members receive feedback on their performance and behaviour
  • Staff members are encouraged to develop their knowledge, skills and confidence related to their role and performance and balanced with their career development aspirations
  • You and staff members understand and apply the College values and behaviours in their day-to-day work and interactions
  • You and your staff complete all the relevant elements of Imperial College Essentials

Eligibility to participate in the leadership and management facilitated workshops

Applying learning in everyday work is imperative for learning transfer. To participate in the facilitated courses, you will need to manage staff at Imperial currently; this includes:

  • Formal management positions


  • Dotted line management responsibilities
  • Allocating work to others
  • Monitoring and giving feedback on the work of others
  • Contributing to or conducting the PRDP of other staff
  • Managing PhD students

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