Information and Booking

Trainer: Matthew Critchlow, Kirros Consulting
Cost: Internal, no charge. Please check our cancellation fees before booking.
Duration: 2 hours
Format: Online/In Person (See details below)

09 May (10:00-12:00) - In Person
15 June (10:00-12:00) - Online - Fully booked

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Resilience is the ability to recover after certain challenges or difficulties. Our capacity to deal with personal or work pressures requires ongoing attention. Resilience is not static and varies from time to time.

Building personal resilience will support you to consider techniques and strategies when facing challenges. We provide a short workshop for all staff who would like to assess their current levels of resilience and consider practical actions to improve - before we hit pressure points! It is designed around a simple framework that can be easily applied within the workplace and elsewhere.

Key areas:

  • Identify what we mean by 'resilience'
  • Assess our behaviours against current research on well-being and motivation
  • Develop the ‘building blocks’ of skills for resilience

We suggest some reading and resources around resilience that can support your ongoing development.

Coaching and mentoring can also provide a one-to-one confidential space to focus on work-specific challenges, and our Health and Wellbeing pages provide some additional support.