Information and Booking

Trainers: Ewan Stickley, Kirros
Cost: Internal, no charge.
External not available
Duration: 2.5 hours (Times TBC)
Format: Online/In Person (see details below)
29 November (10.00-12.30) - Online
28 February (10.00-12.30) - Online
09 May (13:30-16:00) - In Person
13 June (10.00-12.30) - In Person

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We intuitively understand that strengths are something we are good at. Strengths, however, are more than what we do well; they also energise us. Recognising and utilising our strengths supports wellbeing.
This page provides suggested reading on strengths and wellbeing, in addition to some videos and resources for your ongoing development of this topic.
In our two-hour session, we explain how to identify your strengths, how an apparent ‘weakness’ may actually be a strength in overdrive, and how to apply strengths in new and innovative ways to build confidence and support work performance.


  • Understand the principles of strengths and the difference between strengths and skills
  • How to identify your own strengths using the Values in Action Inventory of Strengths (VIA-IS)
  • Understand the concept of allowable weaknesses and limiting weaknesses
  • Recognise your strengths in overdrive
  • Identify new ways and situations to apply your strengths inside and outside of work.

Key areas

  • What are your strengths?
  • How to identify your own strengths using the VIA-IS
  • The difference between allowable weaknesses and limiting weaknesses
  • How to spot a strength in overdrive
  • How to control the controllable when your strengths go into overdrive
  • Identify new and innovative ways to apply your strengths



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