Information and Booking

Trainer: Laura Rigden, Charlotte Wiseman Ltd
Cost: Internal, no charge. External, not available
Duration:  1x4-hour session (09:30-13:30) & 1x2-hour follow up session
Format: Online/In Person (see details below)

19 October (9:30-13:30) & 16 November (14:00-16:00) - In Person
24 January (09:30-13:30) & 21 February (10:00-12:00) - Online
11 May (09:30-13:30) & 22 June (10:00-12:00) - Online

Booking Imperial Staff Should you have any further questions, please contact us


Leading with Mental Health will challenge stigma and give leaders the practical tools to spot signs of ill-health. Our proactive approach to mental health aims to stop illness and enable early intervention. This promotes quicker recovery for the individual, limits the impact of ill-health on the College and helps employees be the best they can be. Upskilling yourself in this way boosts resilience, promotes engagement, and enhances staff loyalty.

Essential Information

This course is designed for Managers at the College.
To prepare you for the course, we suggest you book on the Mental Health First Aid course.

Key areas

  • What is mental health, and how can we promote positive mental health at work
  • How to identify triggers & symptoms of low mental health and common mental illnesses
  • The ALI model to have confident conversations around mental health, supporting individuals & directing them to appropriate professional support.
  • Roleplay, group activities & case studies to practice skills learnt
  • Tips on managing when someone is signed-off work, including return-to-work interviews, reasonable adjustments, ongoing support & advance statements
  • Confidence in managing confidentiality, promoting diversity and inclusion and maintaining healthy boundaries when supporting someone unwell