Information and Booking

Trainer: Matthew Critchlow, PhD, Director of Kirros
Cost: Internal, no charge.
External not available
Duration: 2.5 hours
Format: Online/In Person (see details below)
12 October (10:00-12:30) - Online
09 February (10:00-12:30) - Online
27 April (10:00-12:30) - Online
11 May (10:00-12:30) - In Person
08 June (10:00-12:30) -  Online

Booking Imperial Staff

Mindfulness is a popular topic with many applications and can support our mental wellbeing.

We offer a two-hour session that introduces the principles of Mindfulness and explains how Mindful Working can help boost satisfaction, efficiency and overall performance at work. We combine Mindful practices with traditional time management techniques, such as the Covey Time Management Matrix, to help delegates feel less “busy” and more productive.

We provide some additional reading to assist your ongoing learning around the topic of mindfulness. We have also suggested some videos and resources that can support your understanding and help identify techniques to help you achieve mindful effectiveness.



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