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Trainer: Caroline Broad, Pat Duckworth
Cost: Internal, no charge. External not available
Duration: 2 hours
Format: Online


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For many people who menstruate, menopause is an unspoken health challenge in the workplace. This two-hour online session is centred around listening and sharing, with the opportunity to hear from a specialist in menopausal health and organisational policy.

This session is for anyone to whom the menopause journey is relevant. We acknowledge the uniqueness of each journey and welcome everyone wanting to share and understand more. This includes non-binary and trans people and neurodivergent staff.

Key areas

This session includes: 

  • Small group discussions around the impact of peri and menopausal experiences and their impact on managing our work life
  • An introduction from Pat Duckworth, founder of Smarter Menopause, on how to best respond to individual health challenges
  • A Q&A. The opportunity to ask Pat for her recommendations on individual health challenges and how to approach conversations to manage any team or institutional challenges that undermine the positive management of the experience of perimenopause and menopause.